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"I want to be like the water, it can slip through fingers yet it can hold up a ship"

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Reposted this story of Love and Family bonded with forever (FINALLY!), from @eonline —the true source of Hollywood happenings πŸ‘ #bradgelina #angelinapitt #angelinajolieandbradpitt

All smiles in my Blue-r than blue #ootd . Positivity x Rastaclat ✌️(these shoelaces could go well in any type of wear from casual to semi-formal. You can get original stuff from @clatrat ) #rastaclat #rastaclatph #blogger #aboutalook #nofilter #nomakeup #justmylipstickon #todayslook #ootdph #shorthairdontcare


Since I was a kid this kitty is very much loved and known to be an animal. And she will always be believed to be the one who purrs and meows as girls love her accessories and other stuff that’s has her face printed on them.

And this OOTD is one of my faves, cause I’m a hello kitty fanatic hihi

Hello Kitty Cropped top from forever 21, fell in love the moment I saw it

Jeans are from LEVIS, they are slim for denim

Shoes, they are red Aztec printed oxfords with laces; also from forever 21

And as for the bag, it’s a wide LV.

Whoever said that you cannot do OOTD while BabyWearing is sooooo wrong!

The fabric is so smooth and soft, the rings are made from nylon. You gotta love the comfort of no-buckle safety, most recommended for breastfeeding mommies (like me). Plus, comfortable hands-free that can make you do other mommy duties while carrying your little one.

This can carry newborn to toddler ages. Babies can move freely and can cuddle with their mommies while they enjoy doing chores with them πŸ‘ŒπŸ’ͺ

All you need to do is wear the fabric in a belt-like way with the rings as you insert them. Then, you adjust them as you loosen the loop, make sure the mamaway logo is facing the ceiling. Put the fabric under your little one’s butty, then tighten the adjustments, and spread out the fabric until your little one’s back is covered 😊

You may message me for questions. If I received 5 queries then I’ll be doing a tutorial vid for its demo πŸ˜‰

Loosen-up Sunday OOTD 😡😎

Loose Olive green V-Neck shirt (with buttons at the back) - length till the belly button, bought it for less than 700php in Zara Shangrila Mall

Light Green shorts from Aeropostale - a gift from my mom, short shorts slightly rugged

Studded White Oxfords - I love this pair from Forever 21, I bought them for 500php (I think) and it was sale

My mom told me that she bought the brown belt from a thrift shop, she thought of me upon seeing it. So thoughtful 😘

Laid Back Stripe-y OOTD πŸ’‹

The Pale Flesh- colored with blue stipes top is from The Ramp Department store in Shangrila Mall

Dark Green short shorts from Abercrombie and Fitch

The silver sling bag is from H&M, I love this bag cause it can fit my things plus my baby’s too! Haha!

Plain Black Flats from Steve Madden USA (thanks Mom!) haha I love how this can go and match with any OOTD

My not so seen studded leather arm band is from A thrift shop in Singapore (it caught my eye while strolling)

My little mermaid in her own sea 🌊 #babygirl #baby #love #instavideo #vidcollage #bibidrae #blessed #happiness #cutie

Getting stuck in the traffic made me fancy my no-comb hair todaaay! πŸ™† #shorthairdontcare #nocombhair #nomakeup #justlipstick #todayslook #maclipstick #staypositive

What my mornings are like β˜€οΈ #blessed #love #babygirl #baby #bibidrae #family #cuddlebuddy #goodmorning

"Hey mommy! I’m like you, in my #nomakeup #justlipstick look! But I chose #purple and #white. What do you think?" 😎 #justlikemommy #icecream #baby #love #blessed #bibidrae #cutie #babygirl #